Studio Giudecca

A wonderful and evocative location, the Saints Cosmas and Damian Convent.

The Studio Giudecca

Maestro Morasso’s Studio Giudecca is located in the splendid cloister inside the convent of Santi Cosma e Damiano, on the Venetian island of Giudecca, and is open to visits all year round.



Our silver and brass jewels are entirely made by Nicoletta Viola, the Master’s wife.

Nicoletta Viola was born in Venice in 1965 and has been Stefano Morasso’s wife since 1992.

Graduated from the “El Crisol” School of Goldsmith Arts in 2008, she designs and creates jewels using only the Master’s glass, creating unique pieces to wear.

The Convent of Saints Cosma and Damiano

The Cloister of the Benedictine monastic complex of Santi Cosma e Damiano dates back to 1481, the year in which it was founded by Marina Celsi, former Abbess of San Maffio di Murano and Santa Eufemia di Mazzorbo.

The complex includes the convent and the church outside the building and, initially, it was supposed to be an exclusively female community of strict observance. In 1500, the convent hosted 32 nuns, who rose to 75 nineteen years later.

According to the project, noble Venetian women entered the Monastery who, during the cloister, brought their wealth, used for the expansion of the structure and for the acquisition of works of art, unfortunately almost completely lost with the Napoleonic invasion.

Over the centuries, the complex yielded to time and instability, until it was given, like other religious buildings, in concession to the State Property of the Municipality of Venice. During the 19th century, the Church and Cloister were used as barracks: to the right of the Cloister, above the door of number 623/A, you can still see an inscription indicating the intended use of that room.

In the mid-90s of the last century, the complex was acquired by the municipal administration of Venice, which undertook a complex restoration with the intention of transforming the Monastery into workshops and residences for artisans.

The former convent is now open to the public and the craftsmen housed inside are happy to welcome all visitors who wish to admire their works and have the opportunity to attend a live demonstration.